Aug 29, 2016

Is our digital world creating a better, more positive place for us to live in?

Despite the ‘Digital Detox’ trend that has (ironically) been circulating around on various social media platforms lately, more and more of us are posting elements of our life online. A question to consider is whether publishing your plans, goals or aspirations, to be seen by all your followers, can really motivate you to achieve more?

For example, the #100daysofhappiness hashtag has really taken off on Twitter and people post each day with the simple things such as a joke they overheard or taking a walk on the beach, to huge accomplishments such as running a marathon or hiking a mountain.

It also inspires honesty and self-confidence, as people feel positive about telling others what they enjoy. This can lead to making healthy lifestyle changes as you begin to notice what you enjoy and thus start spending more time doing it. Simple.


Try it yourself. Tweet about the business idea you’ve always had and start putting it into action. Or, how about the festival you say you’re going to every year? Make it Facebook official then get the tickets! By announcing to the twittersphere your plans, your mood can be improved as well as ideas, optimism and creativity.

It is also important to realise and understand that everyone achieves happiness differently. Something you take for granted could make someone else unbelievably happy. Being aware of others opinions can give you perspective about what is truly important to you.

If you’re looking to be inspired or change your life slightly to be more positive, or need more of an idea about how to find happiness, we have found some inspirational blogs that showcase how great our differences can be:

Blogger extraordinaire Zoe Sugg ( aka Zoella) can be easily pleased with a ‘Dreamy Bar Cart’?


Businesswoman, comedienne, author, designer and mother ( she's a busy one!) Louise Pentland made a blog listing all the things that scare her.  After that she could work torwards overcoming her fears that may be irrational to some but a huge accomplishment for others.

So, now you can start posting your own #100daysofhappiness or if that’s not for you, maybe just when you discover something new and fun you enjoy. Keep us involved on Facebook and Twitter so we can get some ideas from you too!

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