The 5 Best Customer Service Examples on Social Media

The 5 Best Customer Service Examples on Social Media

Aug 31, 2016

At MIM, we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously. Those of you who have met us will know exactly what I mean.

When it comes to social media, we all like to have a bit of fun… whether you are a customer talking about a product or service or a community manager responding to those comments.

A 21st century approach to customer service is fundamental if you want your business to succeed, i.e. one that embraces all things social media. Gone are the days when most of your customers complained by letter…

Remember that everything that is shared on your page is public so make sure to be on top of it and not let a complaint sit on your page for days (or worse… weeks) before someone notices it & replies.

Here are some of our favourite success stories…


  1. Tesco – #WilliamtheWorm

Wes Metcalfe bought a cucumber from a Tesco shop in South Yorkshire and found a dead worm within the wrapping.

He then turned to Facebook to let Tesco know why it would be a while before he tucked into another cucumber sandwich again. Tesco's comical comeback and Mr Metcalfe's response to it have gone viral.


  1. Waterstones – #FreeDavidWillis

This is the story of David Willis who got stuck in Waterstones Trafalgar Square few years ago. I expect you’ve all heard about it by now.

Eventually, David got freed, thanks to Twitter!

If your business is open 9am to 5pm, it doesn’t change the fact that your customers tweet round the clock. Thankfully Waterstones understood that and had someone ‘on duty’ that evening who was able to pick up the tweet and free David Willis.


  1. Nike Support

You only need to take a look at this account to see how good Nike are! With a dedicated Twitter account, ‘open’ 7 days a week and available in 7 languages, you can rest reassured that your tweets will get picked up if something went wrong with your order!


  1. Fishy Sainsbury’s 

Have you heard of Fishy Sainsbury’s? Probably one of the best interactions between a company and a customer. This fishy exchange took place over a 3-hour period, between Sainsbury’s Community Manager and Marty (a customer). The puns will definitely make you laugh and show you how much fun you can have with your customers on social media.


  1. Xbox

We all know that gamers like to play at all hours, hence why Xbox decided to add a dedicated Support Account. Since then, their Community Managers (I’ve heard, there are 27 of them!) have posted over 2M tweets!


So what can we all learn from these examples?

Here are some key takeaways:

- Choose a primary channel for customer service and assign a Community Manager to have full responsibility and accountability for responding.

- Decide on your schedule of availability and add it to your bio.

- If you have more than 1 admin of your page, have each tweet/post signed by the person who sent it.

- Get the right tone for your social media conversations and remember that one tone doesn’t fit all! It might be different from one conversation to the other.

- Follow/like some (or all) of these companies and keep an eye on how they handle customer complaints and comments.

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